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OSA Market Opportunity

Diagnosed Sleep Apnea Patients


140 M


Mild, mod OSA


51 M


Total OSA


30 M

60% SAM

mild, moderate


New market

($288+ per pt in ARR)


Sleep, Primary Care, Cardio

  • Revenue per patient ($120/month)

  • Value-based care, shared savings

  • Manage outcomes effectively

  • Reduce labor burden

Healthcare System

  • Reduce readmission rates

  • Lower healthcare utilization

  • Elevated standard of care

  • Sleep data interoperability

Dental Sleep Practice

  • Increase patient base 

  • Less chair time to titrate

  • More new patient revenue

  • Elevated standard of care

Sleep Apnea Patients

  • Access to preferred therapy

  • Data-driven actionables 

  • Better quality of life

  • Increased adherence

News and Published Papers

Rob Kibler, Asim Roy, Brandon Canfield and Duane Mancini discuss their work in the sleep monitoring space, how they chose their beachhead market in dental, what they have learned so far, and so much more.

614 Startups.jpg

Elio Harmon, from the 614Startups podcast, interviews Asim Roy and Rob Kibler from Dianyx Innovations. They discuss the challenges of sleep apnea, the limitations of current treatments like CPAP and surgery, and how Dianyx's technology aims to revolutionize the oral appliance therapy market. 

Interested in learning about investment opportunities with Dianyx?

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